Now You Can GET PAID THOUSANDS To Build Your Leads & Sales

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Why YouTube?

YouTube videos can ALSO show up in Google search results

Your perfect customer is seeking YOU out on YouTube search

When people watch YouTube videos, 
they feel like they KNOW you

YouTube's algorithm sends YOUR PERFECT PROSPECTS on a silver platter


Inspired by & improved upon the ADVANCED TACTICS 
of the world's top YouTube experts, 
the YouTube Sales Machine is a highly-leveraged system...

It will not only generate traffic, leads and sales FOR FREE...

It goes one step further.

You can ALSO GET PAID THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AS YOU GENERATE THESE LEADS for your higher-ticket program, clients, products, services or membership site.

I'll show you how we started out with FIVE INCOME STREAMS from our channel and each of those is growing month over month because of the special "snowball effect" that we've developed...

Tested and Proven in the Real World

We launched a BRAND-NEW channel, and in just 6 months, we're now getting paid $10,000 a month in recurring income TO GENERATE LEADS for our high-ticket products and membership site...

We're enjoying 5 streams of income from ONE channel - and I'm going to show you, step-by-step and in great detail, exactly how we do it, so you can model it in YOUR BUSINESS.

Where else will you find a lead generation system where YOU DON'T PAY FOR TRAFFIC, but instead, the system PAYS YOU to generate leads?

Auret Esselen - Essetino Media

Leverage The Power Of YouTube With These FORCE MULTIPLIERS

The most amazing things happen when you tap into LEVERAGE.

And the YouTube Sales Machine taps into at least TWENTY LEVERAGE ELEMENTS that I call: "Force Multipliers"...

These 20+ LEVERAGE ELEMENTS turn a VERY small amount of effort into BIG RESULTS, FAST.

Using this system, our channel started generating leads, sales and income in MONTH ONE and it has only grown every month from that point on - and continues to grow!

Here's just SOME of what you'll discover inside YouTube Sales Machine:

  • How to ONLY make videos that you KNOW will get a large number of views (no guessing) 
  • ​Our “mini-web” strategy that uses AI to funnel hundreds of views to your videos
  • How we use AI to automagically create 3 to 5 YouTube Shorts (in minutes!)
  • ​How we use AI to SEO optimize every YouTube video page for YouTube AND Google
  • ​Our proven thumbnail formula that gets MORE PEOPLE CLICKING THROUGH to your videos
  • ​Our video format strategy that fits the short attention spans of YouTube viewers & increases your traffic

And More Force Multipliers:

You'll also get these ADVANCED STRATEGIES:

  • The RIGHT TIME (and the RIGHT WAY) to promote your product / service
  • The RIGHT way to send outside traffic to your YouTube videos! (do this wrong and your videos won’t get many views)
  • How (and more importantly, when) we use QR codes in our videos to drive subscribers
  • ​NEVER ask viewers to “Like, Comment, Subscribe” - Do THIS instead!
  • ​What to link to and what NOT to link to in your YouTube descriptions (Most people do this WRONG)
  • ​One of the best incentives we’ve found that drives new email subscribers
  • ​How to do a $10,000 giveaway to drive new PAID MONTHLY SUBSCRIBERS (For less than $40)

And so much more that you'll get once you're in the program...

When you invest in the YouTube Sales Machine, you'll be at the forefront of the BEST WAYS to leverage YouTube for recurring income, traffic and sales.

And, you'll AUTOMATICALLY be generating and nurturing WARM / HOT LEADS that are excited and ready to buy RIGHT NOW. 

This system automatically warms up your audience so that you build an army of RAVING FANS)

PLUS, you'll begin making sales within a very short period of time, WHILE building your leads list!

Invest in the YouTube Sales Machine - you'll be so glad you did - and you'll make 2024 and beyond the most amazing earning years you've ever had.

30-Day Guarantee
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Try it for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, for any reason, simple email us for a complete refund within 30 days.

Dave Espino is the real deal! 

 His expert knowledge and advice is without a doubt 
the best out there. 

He sincerely wants you to succeed 
and steers you towards seeking the joy in your business, no matter what niche you are in. 

I am honored to be a raving fan 
and highly recommend Dave to anyone that can benefit from his content and knowledge.

Kathy Walterhouse
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